SENACAL Mission Statement

The Senegalese Association of Calgary (SENACAL) is a not-for-profit, non-political and non-religious organization fully incorporated in the province of Alberta. Its mission is to promote community interaction among Senegaleses and to support its members to establish, grow and develop in the city of Calgary. Furthermore, it is SENACAL mission to facilitate dialogue between Senegalese community and the general Calgary community.

The goals of the association include the following:

  • To bring together all the members regardless of their religion or political affiliations,
  • To promote solidarity and networking among members,
  • To assist in the settlement and integration of new immigrants of Senegalese origin in Canadian society,
  • To establish co-operation with other ethnic communities and contribute to the Canadian Multiculturalism,
  • To raise funds to achieve the objects of the Association. This includes accepting gifts, donations, grants and legacies,
  • To use funds of the Association 

Our membership is open to all people, without regard to race, nationality or gender.

  •  We offer support and assistance within the means of the Association to Senegalese newcomers to Calgary.
  •  We organize activities to entertain and showcase Senegalese culture, values and diversity in Calgary.
  •  We promote economic development and stronger relationships between Senegal and Canada.